The installation of double glazing in existing window frames is the speciality of Renover.
The installation process requires a wide variety of skills and knowledge. Our team is in the possession of all of the above.

The glazier, of course, is the central figure in this process. He is the one who chooses the glazing with the highest possible quality. He is the one who puts in the double glazing in the existing window frames.
None the less, each step in the installation process requires different competences of the glazier, the carpenter, the installer and the introducer of silicone. The different players in the instalment process work simultaneously or alternating, depending on the phase of the process.
Each and every member of the Renover crew has the same passion for his or her profession and has a need to deliver a good job.
Replacing glazing in existing and often very old window frames is by definition out of the ordinary and sometimes very difficult. Over the last couple of decades, the Renover crew has gained lots of experience. As a result they are very flexible. They are able to adapts their strategies to the need of the practical configurations and thus deliver a high quality realisation. 

The Renover team takes in the specifics of every site and adapt their process to the client his needs taking in account the good practices of their area of expertise.