The first team consists mainly of specialists in carpentry. This team works in the Renover workshop, where they spend their time preparing crossings, wooden slats and moldings or repairing old window frames.

The instalment team goes to the site where the renovation needs to be done. Two by two, these teams put in the double glazing in the existing window frames.
If necessary, a supplementary team is created. This is the case when the existing frames need to be enforced or repaired on site.

Over the last couple of decades, the Renover crew has gained lots of experience. Along the way, they have perfected the organisation of the different phases in the instalment process.
The Renover crew consists of professionals who are competent and properly trained. Each year they follow one or more courses on different subjects like new security glazing. As a result the Renover crew is always aware of the newest developments and technical evolutions in their area of expertise.

From the beginning till the end of the intervention, Renover stays in charge of all the work done on wood or glass. As a result we can guarantee you the right expert at the right time.

An asset of the family business
Proud of their company, the business name is portrayed on the vehicles the crew utilises and on the uniform they wear to work. The Renover professionals are proud of their realisations and are fully committed to the environmental implications of their line of work.

Your contact team

Renover’s administrative and commercial team is the one that welcomes you and with whom you come in contact first

Among others, they provide you with information and advice, fix an appointment, communicate the references and handle the accounting items. They also deliver the documents you need in order to build a case for a bonus.

The administrative team takes care of the relations between the installation team and the client.

The administrative team is committed to the Renover philosophy and method.

Philippe Vanasbroeck
Nicole De Brul