The experience and the original profession of the glazier Vanasbroeck permit us to guarantee our clients quality when installing double glazing. Over the years we have built up a long list of references. The type of glazing which is used depends on the needs and the objective of the project.

Double glazing of the type Thermobel

standard insulating double glazed with dried air.

Double glazing of the type Thermobel Top or Advanced

Glass with enhanced thermal insulation.

Double glazing with one of both sides in STRATOBEL

assembly of two or more panes of glass using one or more PVB type 33.1 (one film) interlayers determining the level of safety in terms of protection of individuals and property and protection against burglary, firearms and in the event of an explosion with a number of films of the PVB type 33.2, 44.2, 44.4 or another.

Acoustic double glazing with one or two STRATOPHONE laminated glasses

type 44.2 which results in an average decrease of 38 dB.

Patterned glasses

one side of which features a design created by rolling the hot glass ribbon between two metal rollers (more than 40 designs)

Information: these various types of glazing can be combined with each other.