The Renover process is one that affects more than just glazing.

As a matter of fact the window frames and the state they are in, are an essential part of the process. Renover does not replace or modify the existing frames. We only repair what needs renovation or enforce what needs enforcement.
He is the one who needs to evaluate the feasibility of the entire operation.
That’s the carpenter’s job.

Which is the state of the wood and the window frames? Do they close properly? 
Is the window frame capable of being fitted with double glazing? Does the window frames have any weak parts that are in danger of being disconnected from the main part as a result of the fitting?
If one part of the window frame is damaged, that part is taken out and replaced by an identical one.

The possibilities are:
1) The window frames are completely capable of being fitted with double glazing. The installation process of double glazing can start.
2) One or a couple of parts of the window frames need restoration. After the repair, the window frames will be capable of being fitted with double glazing.
3) The window frames are in such a poor state that they cannot be repaired. They need to be replaced.

In the vast majority of the cases the window frames are capable of being fitted with double glazing after their restoration. Replacement is thus avoided.

Can the restoration be done at the spot or do the window frames have to be brought to the workshop? 
Once evaluated as fit for the renovation or repaired, the window frames are put back in place.

Information: If some parts of the hardware are defected, the Renover crew can install the pieces of hardware you have bought yourself. If you wish Renover can give you addresses where you can verify the quality of the materials approved by Renover.