In Belgium the government has taken a number of measures to promote energy savings.

The Renover process is one method which enters the field of these measures. 
There are different types of benefits
- Renovation premium.
- Insulation premium.
Certain investments, such as the installation of double glazing which result in energy savings, may be eligible for premiums.

Premiums in detail

1/ Brussel Capital Region premium

Some districts receive rehabilitation program conducted for 4 years by the government: what are the perimeters of the district contract.
To find the perimeter of your home:
Ministry of the Brussels Capital Region
Directors of Planning and Lodgment:
Housing Branch - NCC (North Station):

2/ Energy premium for the Flemish Region

• 12 €/m² or 15 €/m² limited to the amount of the invoice
• for super-insulating double glazing with a coefficient less than or equal to 1.2

The request must be made before 1 July 2011 to:
Eandis REG-afdeling
Postbus 50 
9700 Oudenaarde
Tel 078/35.35.34

3/ Energy premium for the Walloon Region

- 45 € / m² for super-insulating double glazing with a coefficient less than or equal to 2.0 W/m².K

The request must be made within four months after receiving the invoice:
Service Public de Wallonie
DG04 Département de l’Energie et du Bâtiment durable
Av. Prince de Liège 7
5100 Jambes

Super-insulating double glazing Thermobel TOP 1.0

type 4– 6– 4 = 2.0 W/m².K
type 4– 9– 4 = 1.5 W/m².K  The thickness of your frame determines the type of glazing
type 4–12–4 = 1.2 W.m².K  The price of each type are identical
type 4–15–4 = 1.0 W/m².K