Renover installs double glazing in existing wooden window frames without changing the look of the window frames. Our way of work allows our clients to maintain the same surface of glazing, guard the aesthetics of the window frames and prolong the lifespan of the renovated or repaired window frames.

The advantages of the Renover process in three words


Renover installs new glazing in existing window frames. The old frames are recuperated, as a result the cutting down of trees is limited in our process as well as the pollution which comes with the fabrication of other window frame materials as PVC or aluminum. 
Even more, the recuperation of the old frames allows us to maintain the quality of the old wood, which is already very dry and solid.


There are different economical advantages that come with Renover’s method of installing double glazing in existing window frames. Double glazed windows help you save money and gain a tax reduction. These economical advantages have an impact in the present as well as they will have one in the future. 

In the present
Letting Renover install double glazing in your existing window frames will help you gain time and money. In fact, it will take Renover less time to install double glazing in your old window frames than it would to install completely new window frames. ta
Replacing the window frames in an old house or listed building is often a tricky job that has to be done by measurement and as a result can take up quite some time.
No more false expenses or complementary costs, our clients only pay for the working hours of the Renover crew and the material costs. That’s it! Only if you want us to paint the window frames, that will cost you extra.
Install double glazing in existing window frames is what we do. We don’t damage the plaster work, paint or wallpaper around the window.
We don’t change the frames. Before making our price offer we arrange a visit at the spot in order to evaluate the feasibility of your renovation.
You need to keep in mind that in some cases the existing window frames need to be reinforced. This reinforcement can be done at the spot, without the intervention of a mason. We can assure you that this job is done easily and very quick.
The installation process is very quick. It only takes about 1 to 2 days to install double glazing in an apartment or a traditional house. The glazing take out in the morning is replaced before the end of the day. So by nightfall, our clients are able to close their windows as usual.

In the future
The law evolves and offers financial aids in a variety of cases.
By replacing your single glazing with double glazing, your energy bill will drop as well. This is also an advantage which you have to keep in mind while considering this renovation.
Economical advantages, because we don’t replace the window frames. By installing double glazing, the lifespan of your windows is prolonged.
Economical advantages as a result of the thermal insulation created by the double glazing.


The aesthetical aspect of your window frames remains unchanged. Even more we use the old or modified window frames, unless the crew’s inspection has learned us that a reparation doesn’t satisfy the guarantee that the high quality Renover tries to obtain during the installation process. We can even try to recover the old hardware of your windows.
If the level of comfort, calmness or sense of security of the inhabitants is improved without obvious changes to the aesthetics of the window frames, than the front of the house and the windows in it aren’t changed either.